LOGISTICS  Recruiter

Being a proud part of the Logistics team here at WR. My team are expert Recruitment Consultants in all things Freight Forwarding; and what a team we are. Having a plethora of clients across the country and a database rich with potential candidates, if you are looking for someone to come in and hit the ground running or for a new career yourself, there’s no better team to call then WR Logistics.

As an individual well versed in all thing's customer service, I pride myself on my ability to interact with others and the way in which I portray myself with confident professionalism. Empathy and a concise ability to truly listen are right at the heart of any given interaction that I have and I fearlessly wear that heart on my sleeve. I believe in honesty and virtue above all else.

I’m a native of Portsmouth, I have a daughter and a big ginger cat called Herbie. My interests include: basketball, watching film and sometimes writing about film, listening to all sorts of music, playing my guitar, (I was a musician in my younger years), visiting other countries and indulging in the culture, seeing my friends but most of all, playing video games whenever I get the time to do so!


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