Candidates to get excited about

We are genuinely excited about helping our clients find the staff they’re looking for, because great recruitment is exciting – you gain a shiny new colleague, welcome valuable input and skills into your business and, most importantly, take another step towards achieving your strategic objectives.

Our extensive industry networks and dynamic search criteria allow us to connect with the best candidates and analyse their locality, qualifications, skills, experience, and professional values. This means that every CV we send you is and interesting person you really want to meet.

Personable and professional

Seeking out that perfect person should be enjoyable, not a drag. So it’s our aim to make sure that’s the way it goes.We spend time with our clients to really understand who you are, your products and operations, what your vision is and how you want to get there.

We’re thorough and consultative throughout the process, but agile and flexible in our approach too; business is constantly evolving, so if things change as we get to work, or you decide to pursue a new direction, we’ll adapt and handle your needs with speed and efficiency.

People in the know

We think successful recruitment is all about in-depth market insight and, very often, a finely-attuned professional instinct to ensure your next hire brings the right experience, skill and proactive attitude to your company.

Our recruiters are industry experts who have vast knowledge of their specialist marketplaces, keeping a constant eye on changing trends, legislation and competitor intelligence.

But we don’t rely solely on our essential technical knowledge. We believe trust and happy working relationships are the key to success; we thrive on delivering a great service and our friendly, positive approach is ultimately why we are a recruitment partner that clients return to time and time again.

A complete service

When you work with us, we keep things as straightforward as possible for you. We don’t just advertise your vacancy and source great candidates; we also facilitate the other components of the process too.

Your consultant will:

Coordinate the transfer of necessary information between yourselves and applicants

Ensure candidates are prepared and briefed so meetings and interview logistics run smoothly

Manage the relevant administration so you can focus on making the important decision - who should join your company!

What vacancy can we help you fill?

If your next recruitment project is on the horizon, we’re ready and waiting to brainstorm some ideas with you, or jump straight to the search. Get in touch or fill out the form below and we can talk some more:

T: 02392 816 899
E: info@whiterecruitment.com

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