Candidate of the Year Award, Case Study


At WR Logistics we love rewarding hard work and celebrating success! That why we decided to create the WR Candidate of the Year Awards. This years winner was Matt Francis from KTL Europe , we decided to pop down to their office to say well done to Matt in person, give him his trophy and his voucher, and give KTL their voucher for money off their next placement with us. Here’s what they both had to say…

A Quick chat with Matt our Candidate of the Year​

How was your job search going before using WR? Pretty awful I wasn’t getting anywhere when I decided to leave my last place.

Why were you looking for a new job? Relocation and better hours, because I was just working every hour imaginable before this job. I’d moved from the Heathrow area and so I was commuting twice every day, so i’d had enough and I didn’t even finish before 7pm at the earliest.

Where do you live now? I live in the center of Southampton now, so much nearer, about 5 miles awayI get the train in now so I don’t even need to drive, it’s lovely.

And your hours are better now? Much better, stable business hours.

How was the support after the placement from WR? Yeah, it was very good, I had emails and phone calls to make sure I was alright. Matt, my recruiter, emailed me on my first day and then Lisa, from your on boarding team, checked on me a couple of times.

How has your time been at the company so far? Very good very positive, we’ve grown, we’ve already been busier than we thought we would be. I think when I started we were doing like 1 or 2 jobs a day now today we’ve got 20-30. So yeah we’re growing, and growing in a very difficult time, so its very promising.

What’s been your highlight there so far? I think that would be my highest scoring sale, I made 1K profit in 1 hour.

Would you recommend us to a friend? Yes, I have done!

A few questions for Myles Daly the Managing Director…

How How long had you been looking to fill this position before using WR? I had just started to try and find someone using LinkedIn and the job websites, but had no luck so when Matt from WR called and said he could help I thought it was worth a try.

Were there any special requirements for this job? I wanted someone keen to learn and grow, with a good basic understanding of the industry.

How would you describe Matt’s performance since working for you? Matt has helped to develop our EU Road departments and has been adaptable and learned very quickly and is a great guy to have in the office.

Would you use WR when hiring again? I most certainly would yes!

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