Creating a vision fit for the future…


As any business owner would know, the end of their financial year is a pretty busy time, especially when it coincides with the festive period. Not only are you looking at maximising your results for the period, you are looking at what is over the horizon for the new year whilst acutely aware that your physical and mental wellbeing will be challenged by Christmas parties and the fast reduction of your bank balance buying the latest bit of tat for the kids.

Whilst this is all very challenging it also not a bad place to be. Taking time to reflect and look forward to the future is often what owners and directors fail to do. I have an A* in being a busy fool.

All companies, no matter how big or small, rich or poor, would be nothing without the people they employ and we are no different.

Every year the senior management team at WR get together to look at what the business is going to look like in 3yrs time. Setting out our vision for the future of Whiteonians is particularly important to us. We’re not a Netflix or Apple. But what we do have in common with these hugely successful companies is our view on our people. All companies, no matter how big or small, rich or poor, would be nothing without the people they employ and we are no different.

What is really interesting for me is the fact that as I sit in the office, play with my children or have a meal with friends, the vision of how my business looks in 2022 seems to take over my thoughts. I must have emailed myself 15 times a day for the past 3 weeks.

What is also really interesting is that whilst I am working hard to create a viable and clear vision that both myself and my employees will all get excited about, Theresa May is doing exactly that this week. Poor Mrs May. Not sure anything she could present to the House of Parliament this week will be widely accepted. The mere fact that 52% of the voted for Brexit suggests that around half the House will not like what her vision is for the UK.

One thing WR also has in common with Theresa, is the need to create a vision that has meaning to all the nations within the UK, whilst WR are looking for a vision that as meaning and buy in for each of our divisions. This is one area that I have found challenging as a business owner as the strategy and service each division can provide is at different stages and require a very different vision for the future. So this year, for the first time, I have exercised the WR backstop, backstop. IE, leave it to the Divisional Managers.   

One thing is for sure right now, we are seeing the effects of a labour market short of talent and current employers are offering increased wages in an attempt to attract and retain talent. In sleepy Emsworth where I reside, the local farming community have had to think outside the box to keep up with their clients’ demands. I thought AI was going to change the employment landscape..! The only issue Mr Farage may have is that the squirrels in question do not have a work permit for the role and are keeping the local reds out of business and therefore stoking further the flames of the already burning Brexit fire.

One key area for WR and our vision for 2019 is a move into the contract market. WR is an extremely successful, if I don’t say so myself, permanent recruitment company operating for over 11 years. However, with the uncertainty of Brexit and a trend of people looking for a more flexible work life balance, contracting and temporary working is becoming more and more attractive to employers and employees. WR will finally stop kicking the contract recruitment bucket down the lane and jump two footed into the wonderful world of contract, and compliance, and thus further extending our offering to each of the 5 key divisions under the WR banner.

One thing is for sure, yes it’s a busy period. And certainly makes the break at Christmas a welcome one and gets me fired up for the new year.

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