Earth Day, economical changes that need to be made in your workplace now

Stacey Selway

Many business owners have had plenty of guidance from the Environmental Agency encouraging and establishing ways they can adapt the runnings of their business to be more sustainable and economical, especially with the introduction of Earth Day. So why are some businesses still not able to make these changes despite so much education on how and evidence to prove there’s a need? Here’s what you need to know to make a change today and get fully involved in Earth Day.

How to Get Started

Although there is much dispute as to why there is a need to adapt the way we work to better suit the environment, after many years of studies and now blatant evidence, it’s essential business owners take action. If they don’t, this could mean customers decide to go elsewhere as well as the huge impact on the planet.

Sustainability Company Policy

Firstly, have a sustainable company policy visible to all team members as well as included in your customer process (eg links on email footers or viewable on your website) this is a very simple way to get the ball rolling, making you and your employees aware of how they are impacting the environment with their choices and where there is room for improvement. 

Choose Suppliers Wisely

You are a business supplying a service but you will also be the customers in someone else’s journey e.g. your suppliers. Spend some time researching the companies you are working with, are they sustainable? Should you be promoting the fact you’re working with a sustainable business? This works both ways, other businesses will be looking back at you too, are you a sustainable business they want to show off they are working with too?

Your Environment

Whether you’re office based or work from home, there are plenty of ways to show you’re sustainable. 

  1. Compost only, recycling and general waste bins – be strict on this!
  2. Encouragement posters around the office (bonus points for using the plain side of scrap paper to make them!)
  3. Encourage a lift share or cycle to work scheme
  4. Turning your computers/laptops off rather than on standby mode
  5. Advertising and celebrating Earth Day each year
  6. See plenty more here >

‘Investing in our planet should be viewed as an investment in our future.’ –

With these very basic but impactful steps towards Earth Day, you’ll be heading in the right direction. Revisit these every month/quarter to see if there is anything new to add or adapt. Don’t be afraid to show off your sustainable business, set an example and others will follow!

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