​How COVID-19 is increasing demand for talent in healthcare


With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on several industry sectors, many companies have severely scaled back recruitment, or simply stopped it altogether. However, while the pandemic has led to widespread disruption for the entire UK, the care sector has seen an unprecedented rise in the need for talent due to the essential role of workers in mitigating the effects of the coronavirus. Here’s what you need to know about how COVID-19 is increasing demand in healthcare.

Care workers

Care workers are clearly a vital part of the UK’s fight against COVID-19. But as an industry that already had a huge demand for talent and resources that were already scarce – the pressure to find more staff and quickly has risen in light of recent developments. The coronavirus is heightening the need for home care services, as many care and support workers find themselves having to self-isolate because they are displaying symptoms of the virus or have come into contact with somebody who has it.

Caremark, a major home care provider with 120 offices across the UK, is urgently recruiting 2,000 care workers to support elderly and vulnerable clients in their homes. Meanwhile, home care provider Cera has created 10,000 full-time permanent jobs and says applicants can start earning in as little as 10 days. HC-ONE has thousands of permanent roles at more than 300 care homes nationwide, with the firm ‘calling all people who are kind, caring and want to make a difference by joining our team of key workers.’

Meanwhile, there has been an innovative approach by Four Seasons Healthcare, which has launched a recruitment drive targeting those from other industries who are out of work because of the coronavirus. The company said it was targeting up to 3,000 people at risk of being made redundant. Group CEO Jeremy Richardson, said: ‘This campaign is specifically targeting people in the hospitality and airline industry that have been hit so hard by the pandemic as we feel their skills are absolutely transferable to the care sector.’

In addition to this, there have been many volunteers helping address the rise in demand. A Liverpool care home struggling to cope during the pandemic says it has been inundated with offers of help. At Oak Springs, manager Andrea Lyons made a plea for ‘more hands-on staff’ after 50 of the home’s 72 workers had to self-isolate. Ms. Lyons said she had an ‘amazing response’ from agency staff, ex-doctors and Liverpool City Council. After so many ‘helpful and kind’ people got in touch, she said her rotas had been filled for weeks to come.

We are proud

Ultimately, WR is proud to represent sectors that are doing so much to help in the fight against COVID-19, and are not surprised that demand for talent is rising. With healthcare workers so essential to keeping the country going and limiting the negative effects of the pandemic – we continue to do our utmost to support workers throughout these turbulent times.

We have successfully adapted to remote working and our healthcare team is providing the same high level of service as ever. All of our consultants can be reached via their landlines, email, and social media profiles, so if you’re looking to support the UK demand for nursing and care staff, why not reach out to them today?

We believe it is crucial to recognise the role of key workers and are extremely grateful for the work of the health services in such difficult times, and have been doing so at every opportunity. Once again we will be taking part in Thursday’s clap for the NHS. Also, keep your eyes peeled for our next blog where we will outline a couple light-hearted ideas we have for how to recognise the hard work that nurses have been putting in – perhaps free Uber Exec’s for life, or a round of applause every time they walk down the street!

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