How will the coronavirus affect logistics?


How will the coronavirus affect logistics?

As the coronavirus continues to spread around the globe, widespread economic uncertainty has affected almost every industry sector – and professionals in our divisions are no exception. At WR, we are doing the utmost to support our candidates and clients across HVACR, Health, Logistics, and Engineering. This includes using our expertise to inform professionals about the potential impact of the current pandemic on business. Here’s the thoughts of Tom Nichols, Divisional Manager of WR Logistics, on how COVID-19 might affect the sector:

What effect do you think coronavirus will have on the logistics sector?

COVID-19 is already having a significant effect on logistics. The sector is such a broad spectrum that different areas will feel various impacts. For instance, some areas like food and pharmaceutical logistics are in greater demand than ever. Across the sector, we are also seeing evidence of innovative collaborations with firms that have seen drops in volume helping out those who are in demand – Screwfix supporting Morrison is a good example.

Can professionals in your sector be effective while working from home?

There are plenty of examples of individuals in logistics being effective working from home – particularly with planners in UK transport and in freight forwarding that can control operations remotely. However, millions of workers across the front line, such as warehouse operatives and drivers will be unable to do this.

How can WR serve the logistics sector going forward – (while working from home)?

Due to our strong remote working proficiencies, our capability to support clients, candidates, and our staff is just as strong as before. Despite trying times, we can conduct all of our operations from home and provide the same high-quality service. Apart from that, we have reached out to all of the companies on our database to extend our services to cover temp as well as permanent vacancies.

What advice do you have for professionals in your sector?

We encourage professionals to pay attention to the news and government developments to understand the latest economic measures, stick to the guidelines around social distancing, and work from home if possible.

We’re here to help

Ultimately, this is a difficult situation for everyone in the sector, and the effects of the coronavirus on logistics are changing every day, with the true impact yet to be felt. At WR Logistics, we encourage all candidates and client to get in touch with us if they need more information on the situation. We are just as dedicated and as capable as ever, and will strive to help businesses and job-seekers during this time.

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