NHS 72nd birthday: Recognising the great work of health and social care workers


Last weekend marked the NHS being in operation for 72 years. This spurred the public to come together to celebrate the anniversary and recognise the fantastic and important work that health and social care employees do. The special day was celebrated across the UK, with people stopping for a minute of silence on Saturday, a huge round of applause on Sunday, and across the nation, several key landmarks, such as the London Eye, were illuminated blue while residents joined in by lighting a candle.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the UK’s health and social care workforce has gone beyond the call of duty to ensure vulnerable individuals are provided with the care and support needed. This bravery and dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed, and over the last few months we have seen the public shout about their appreciation of keyworkers by participating in weekly applauses, local businesses offering discounts, and families adorning windows with kind words and children’s art work. Here are just some of the ways that staff working in health and social care have been recognised and celebrated over the last few months.

Three ways staff working in health and social care have been recognised

A personal thank you from the royal family

On the NHS’ 72nd anniversary, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Norfolk’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital, to give a personal thank you to the hard-working staff that have helped throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and over the years. This, of course, is an incredible gesture which would be appreciated by anyone, however, one nurse in particular was touched by this. William and Kate gave a special thank you to Suzie Vaughan, who was separated from her two young daughters while she worked on a Covid-19 ward. William and Kate spoke to Suzie and her children, acknowledging her fantastic work and expressing how thankful they are for her service to the UK’s health system. This also meant her children were able to meet a real-life princess!

Care home workers celebrated by MPs

Admiration and appreciation of keyworkers in health and social care has been spoken about and discussed inside homes, online across social media and even in the House of Parliament. During a recent parliament debate, MPs spoke out on the great work that carers do. Representatives from all political sides recognised these individuals as “heroes” and showed gratitude for their “skill, dedication and sacrifice.”

This happened during a debate which was calling for greater recognition and rewards for the health and care workforce, which took place following a petition calling for social care to be given equal acknowledgment to the NHS and health system. This resulted in over 43,000 people signing the petition.

Residents show appreciation

While we have seen, and heard, the public’s appreciation of keyworkers throughout the pandemic, some of the most touching ones recognition has come from patients and the individuals that these workers care for. For example, with the help of the activities team, the residents at Barking Hall Nursing Home arranged a special ‘Barking Hall Week’, where each member of staff was gifted with a bag of goodies. Each of these gifts were personalised to reflect the workers interests in a truly caring gesture for those hard-working teams. Over the last few months, we’ve seen several other acts of kindness like this happening in care homes and hospitals across the UK. In recent blogs and in our Health Bulletin, we’ve shared a number of heart-warming stories of residents, patients and staff helping each other to keep morale high during these unprecedented times by singing, dancing and holding parties.

Why a career in health and social care is so rewarding

Covid-19 has certainly shone a spotlight on the health and social care arena – and rightly so. The stories above, and the many which have been circulating over the last few months, have certainly demonstrated what a rewarding career path this can be.

Those working in the sector have the opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives, and it is for this reason that workers often say they have a strong sense of fulfilment and joy. The health and social sector tends to attract individuals that are seeking meaningful opportunities and that want to truly make an impact through their work.

Not only is working in health and social care filled with purpose and highly rewarding, but no two days are the same. Consequently, for those seeking a role that involves variety, working in the health and social sector could be just the right move.

And despite many people assuming that most roles in the sector comprise of just doctors and nurses, there are, in fact, hundreds of roles to choose from to suit individuals with varying skills, experiences and interests. So regardless of your level of education, there will be a way that you can contribute if you choose a career in healthcare. And whether you’re on the administration team, payroll, working in a nursing home or as a surgeon, you’ll know that you’re making a difference.

The great news for those interested in a career in this sector is that there are plenty of current vacancies to choose from today. It’s no secret that the health and social care industry has historically struggled with talent shortages, however, this does mean that there is now a wealth of opportunities. Demand for workers across a number of specialisms is particularly high, and organisations are keen to train and develop individuals to ensure both employees and the sector thrives going forward.

If you’d like advice on taking the first step towards a career in health and social care, you can get in touch with the team today. The WR Healthcare team is still providing the same high level of service as ever with some of the team are already back in the office. All of our consultants can be reached via their landlines, email, and social media profiles, so if you’re interested in a career in healthcare, why not reach out to them?

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