Recruitment Marketing – Why is it so important for 2023?

Stacey Selway

Recruitment has changed dramatically over the years. We now welcome a fresh wave of online recruitment and advanced searches. This brings new challenges and new opportunities. The advancement in technology has a positive impact on the recruitment sector, which is why it’s important we get marketing right.

What is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing is the process involved before a candidate applies for a job. It is about creating a journey for candidates to follow, like a stream, ending at their final destination – a job offer. 

However, before that step, we need to attract them to us as individuals, us as a business, to the role itself and our clients. There’s a lot of leg work but Recruitment Marketing can support this. 

Generally it’s different to how a recruiter works because Recruitment Marketing is working 24/7. Although, potential clients/candidate may be watching you from afar before they reach out to you. That touch point interaction is undeniably essential. 

Why do we need Recruitment Marketing?

Aside from saving recruiters a lot of time, Recruitment Marketing also attracts passive candidates. Which anyone in the recruitment world will know, is gold dust! 

This way of working never stops and never takes a break. It doesn’t need to! It’s all automated technology, working for you. Here’s how to get started.

How do we start?

  • BRAND AWARENESS – Identify your current brand awareness. Are you well known in the industry? Do you often hear, ‘oh i’ve not heard of you before‘? If so, Brand Awareness needs to be improved. Candidates and clients are more likely to take calls from businesses they recognise.
  • YOUR REPUTATION – Do you have reviews you rave about? Do you ask for reviews? These matter, and shouting about them matters too. Getting that positive content out there is a simple and easy way to get candidates/clients coming directly to you.
  • INTEREST – Once we have their interest, we need to push them over to the apply stage. This means, more bragging, more showing off and more noise! Remember, at this stage – you don’t know who is watching you. You most likely never will. That doesn’t mean our brand awareness shuts off, it’s more powerful than you realise. 
  • CONSIDERATION / APPLICATION – At this stage, it’s likely the candidate has been in contact or been watching very closely that your marketing UTM has picked up on this. To nail this section we need to think about our customer service;
    1. How are you adding your personal touch?
    2. Why apply through you and not direct to the client/another recruiter?
    3. What are you bringing to the table for them?
    4. What are you off-loading for them that another recruiter may not offer?

It’s not just the job, it’s the experience you’re taking them on as well. Be honest with yourself, do you provide a good journey for your candidate/client?

Once you have your ducks in a row with the above, it’s time to move onto your Content Marketing and your Outreach Marketing.

Job Advertisements

Recruitment technology is advanced, which means your job adverts need to be too. There’s bots that scan your adverts and decide who to push it out in front of. If your ‘HR Manager’ advert doesn’t include the words ‘HR Manager’ at least 5 times (correct at the time of writing 2022) then your advert falls to the bottom of the SEO pile. That’s just one keyword – we want 3. 

This is just layer one in the Recruitment Marketing world and there’s much more to be done, but if you’re missing any of the above steps then that’s your goal to complete before the next step in the process, more on this coming soon!

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