Hiring shouldn’t grind to a halt in the lead up to Christmas

Stacey Selway

Leading recruiters in the industry have found a sharp decline in hiring between September and October, even more so in the lead into November. But, there’s an ideal opportunity why employers should keep hiring and push through new starters before Christmas.

With so many question marks over the UK recession and the cost of living increase, hiring has been either top or bottom of companies to do list. Those who had it at the top, now have a wealth of fresh talent in their business. However, those employers dragging their heels are now trying to retain staff and are losing skilled new hires to their competition. 

The reason? They never took their foot off the gas.

Here’s our top 3 reasons why you as an employer should be consistent with your hiring process. Even in the lead up to Christmas. 

1. Talent is on the Market

As it’s coming to the end of the year, great talents are now thinking about what they what they want to achieve. You as an employer need to make yourself attractive to this type of individual. Look at your benefits, your development programmes, what education do you offer etc? There’s nothing worse to an employee than feeling stagnant. Make sure your workplace is vibrant, buzzing and creative. Putting your people first. This makes potential new hires ‘look twice’ when considering you.

2. Hiring Takes Time

The right hire does take time, from application to their first day. There are plenty of stops along the way and during the christmas period there’s less obstacles to hinder the hiring process. Their calendars as well as yours are likely to have more availability, references can be requested earlier ready for decision making time. Do not leave anyone waiting for an answer over the Christmas period!

3. Don’t Lose Momentum

When you take your foot off the gas it’s hard to get started again. Recruitment is a pipeline, lots of moving pieces at the same time and as so many people are involved there's lots that can be out of your control. This is why it’s important you don’t stop your hiring processes and don’t slow down too much. The right person should be an easy decision and with the right organisation you should be able to make decisions before Christmas and have new starters ready to go after the new year. Win, win!

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