Collaborative Working for the Future of Logistics

Diane Amey

WR Logistics have been supporting Eastleigh College Logistics and Business Students with career aspirations in the Logistics industry. The collaborative partnership for the future of logistics career interest has been a great success. 

The Beginning of a Collaborative Partnership

Since September 2023, WR Logistics have been working closely with Eastleigh College to support the skills shortage campaign in the Logistics industry

The sustainability and growth of the Logistics industry hinges upon its ability to cultivate a skilled workforce for the future.

Generation Logistics 

​​Raising awareness about careers and apprenticeships in logistics is not a task that falls solely on the shoulders of industry stakeholders. Collaboration among community groups, education establishments and local businesses could be key to driving the interest in Logistics as a career path. With this recognised by the WR Logistics team, they set to work to understand this further. 

Careers and recruitment is what WR Logistics specialise in. We work with industry leaders and understand the current recruitment challenges in the sector. So we made a promise that we would use our expertise in a supportive capacity. 

What happened next?

Knowing how important it is to inspire the next generation of logistics professionals, WR Logistics delivered a comprehensive pitch to the Year 2 Logistics cohort at Eastleigh College on the vast career opportunities that are available in the sector and how to shape a career through having the right mindset, skills and qualities. Eastleigh College is the only college in the South that offers Logistics courses for full time learners . This doesn't seem logical when we have two major import/export ports (Southampton and Portsmouth) 22 miles apart that generate £77.5 billion a year. 

Diane and Tom from the WR team gave the learners some great tips on how to shape a CV and LinkedIn Profile so the students had a toolbox of ideas to move through the last few terms of their course. 

Jackie Beavis, the Global Business and Logistics Head of Department, then invited the team back again in February to watch the students project presentations about exporting fashion goods from Southampton to Uruguay.  

Further Involvement 

The partnership between WR Logistics and Eastleigh College has been beneficial for all involved. The team are invested in the positive outcomes for the students and have reached out to their clients to support them with finding work experience placements too. 

Harrison a Global Business and Logistics Student, spent his work experience appointment at our trusted clients Davies Turner.  We are proud we were able to facilitate the introduction that enabled valuable skills and experience to be gained.

Harrison reflected on the importance of the insights his work experience week gave him: 

The logistics industry is great to work in because they are crying out for young people to get into logistics to help the industry grow bigger and better. There are loads of roles within logistics so there is a place for anyone and everyone. During my placement I assisted with writing import and export entries, customs clearance and writing emails, I really enjoyed doing the import and export entries and it was interesting to learn how this is done and hopefully it will support me in finding a career in freight forwarding in the future.”

Continuing Relationship 

Clare Ballson from Eastleigh also stated: 

‘WR Logistics have been an asset to the curriculum this academic year for Global Business and Logistics, not only have they supported us in finding valuable work experience for our learners and they have also given a talk on careers within the logistics industry and the different opportunities available to our learners. Diane and Tom joined us for the group's first project presentation on an export proposal for shipping goods to Uruguay and gave constructive feedback on their projects, which has supported our learners in understanding their own strengths and weaknesses within the industry and what they can improve for their next project. Looking forward to working with Diane and Tom again to support future curriculum development”


It’s important for us all to play a part in making some noise about the diverse opportunities that the supply chain has to offer with great progression and personal growth opportunities that do not require a degree.  Logistics is a career with so many diverse and interesting pathways that it is appealing to those who want to push boundaries, problem solve and engage in a career that impacts our economy and supply chain.