Government or Employers: Who’s responsible for supporting the nation through the cost of living increase?

Stacey Selway

With the cost of living once again reaching an all time high, not only the cost of travel but basic monthly expenses such as energy, water etc have also increased. This leaves the public in a lose lose situation, so who should be here to help? Our employers or our government?

With many employers also in the same position on a personal level as well as a business level, it can be tricky to push back to an employer and seek more money as it may not be possible. 

Equally, the government as we know, isn’t in the best financial position with the global health crisis, Brexit and Covid19 as well as many other things I'm sure we’re unaware of - asking the government for financial support also seems impossible. 

Our Survey

In a recent survey we conducted over on Linkedin, we asked our connections who they felt was responsible for supporting the public through this cost of living increase - their employer or the government. The results were surprising, as we intentionally only gave straight answers ‘The Government’ or ‘Your Employer’. 

The Results

We didn’t quite get the straight answer we were expecting - a complete 50 / 50 split with many comments saying it’s both their responsibility. 

Overall a positive result as that gives more opportunities for support through this challenging time and something that can have a quick impact if dealt with correctly. Although there can feel a huge divide between individuals, these last few years there’s been a united front on many occasions and this will be no different. 

This challenging time will pass like so many times before, but in this moment we need to support each other and live within our means. 

Not sure where to start? Watch this space, next blogs coming soon, ‘How to save money’ and ‘How to support your employees through the cost of living increase’. Read more blogs here. See more study results here.